Monday, April 21, 2008

By request, some more info on my new car.

The Smart is the ultimate “Hey, middle-aged-geeky-man, come talk to me!” car. CC has appreciation for geeky men of all ages, so she could be in a worse state. Even under torture I could not tell you the gas mileage of any other car I’ve ever had, but I’ve been asked so often about the Smart that “the EPA says 38, but people have been reporting up to 50.” is a reflex.

The only place most people have seen a smart is Europe. So I’m asked “Did you have that shipped over from Italy” on a fairly regular basis.

I’ve never had a car that people so regularly waved at, honked at, smiled at, etc. Have low self-esteem while driving a Smart is impossible as you are constantly getting random validation from seventeen different directions.

It’s not you, it’s the car.

The dealership experience was a breeze. Our salesguy mentioned a few more options, but we'd ordered the car in advance, so most of that had already been taken care of. The credit union had never heard of the car, but once they'd verified its existence, financing was no problem.

More generic information on the Smart is available here.

I'll probably post another picture or two here, but most of them will go in a Facebook album as I really doubt the average Chalicesseur cares that much.



Transient and Permanent said...

Those smart cars are all over the place up here in Canada. I don't even look twice at them anymore, it's like a Prius in southern California. They must do OK in the snow since there are so many here, and I've never seen one that looked like it'd been hurt in an accident--and considering what poor drivers Canadians are, that must mean something. Glad you're enjoying yours.


Michael said...

Those are the coolest. I test drove one here in Charleston when they were doing their nationwide tour. If I didn't have to have some semblance of a back seat for kids I would buy one.

The reactions remind me of when I first bought my MINI Cooper in 2002. I had to allow extra time for any trip as I was always answering questions about it.

kim said...

There didn't appear to be any interior pictures on their site. Or any idea of price.
Unfortunately it's too small for me, since I'm often carting around us and the three teenagers. but it would be nice to drive around when alone. said...

I'm on the waiting list! How did you beat me? :>
Please do let us know your mpg and how you feel about it after having for a while

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new car.

Anonymous said...

I think it's nifty! :) Congratulations on the new car.

PeaceBang said...

SweetieBang wants one of those SO BADLY.

Donald O'Bloggin said...

SO JEALOUS! I'd love one of those cars. If not one of those... a Ural Patrol