Wednesday, June 20, 2007

So far, Portland doesn't impress me.

It reminds me of New Orleans,which is not particularly a compliment.

One has to work really hard to find a place in this country big enough to host a convention that is still a major bitch to get to from Washington DC.

Portland is apparently just such a place. I came through Phoenix, kids.

I got going late, and in a true injustice, had to fly here stone cold sober. (Fun fact about CC: She's slightly claustrophobic and rarely flies without some form of assistance, usually alcohol.)

Anyway, I haven't eaten since dinner yesterday and will likely go do something about that. Will show up at the convention later. If you want to hang out, text me or just leave a note up on the message board.



Jay said...

I love New Orleans so much, having *tried* to live there twice, that it always breaks my heart to hear that someone doesn't really like it. There's good food, beautiful architecture, a local culture completely at odds with my own, etc.

Regardless, I hope Portland grows on you a little bit. I'm really regretting my decision not to attend GA this year....

Boy in the Bands (Scott Wells) said...

I liked Portland when I was there on business. But I was downtown, not near the Convention Center, which I just saw coming and going to the airport (on the rail).

For me, via Phoenix out, Las Vegas back.

Ms. Theologian said...

It's hard to like any place when you're hungry. :)

Chalicechick said...

Sorry, Jay, lived in New Orleans for a year and really, really hated it.

Will spare you the details of why unless you're interested.


Jay said...

I'd absolutely be interested in your reasons, CC. I lived five of the past 15 years there, so you probably won't shock me >g<. Several possibilities—things like startling poverty, an economy with no base other than tourism, crime, August humidity—come immediately to mind.